Executive Producer and Production Executive Services: creation, execution and management of strategic business plans; finding and securing writers, illustrators and producers; evaluation of new and existing properties; structuring and negotiation deals w/co-producers, creators, publishers, etc.; supervising and producing pitch presentation materials including formats, bibles, scripting, artwork, demo reels, etc.; supervising the creation of individual project budgets and the evaluation and administering of same; pitching to distribution outlets including broadcast, broadband and cable networks; home entertainment; licensing companies; record companies, etc.; evaluation and securing of multi-media and co-production deals, domestic and international.

Network Executive Services: developing and creating network programming including: strategic planning; brand development on-air, on-line and off-air; programming development and production including budget planning, creative development of ancillary markets; curriculum oversight and development; research oversight and development; outreach oversight and development; public relations and marketing oversight; and licensing strategies.

Home Entertainment Executive Services: all special interest entertainment including kids and family, sports, fitness, comedy, drama and live performance, including evaluation of existing properties and/or acquisition targets; structuring and negotiation deals for DVD, DVD and audio, multi-rights deals including television, broadband, film, licensing/merchandising, etc., in a variety of structures including distribution, licensing, joint ventures, development, production and co-production deals for U.S. only, Canadian, North America, worldwide, etc.; creation, execution and management of home entertainment mission, budget and staff; overseeing DVD production and creative development; evaluation of and securing DVD distribution outlets.

Live-Theatrical Producer Services: management of creative development including selection of writers and working with writers and creative production team; oversight of local and national marketing and press teams with focus on brand development; oversight of sponsorship and strategic partnership platforms; oversight of development and execution of education programs including creation of education guides and development of local and nationally sponsored education grant proposals.